How to Prevent Autism, Part 1


"How to Prevent Autism: Expert Advice from Medical Professionals." Who better than the mother of an autistic child to write a book detailing present knowledge about prevention and treatment of autism? Interviewing eight top health professionals, Dana Berger explains how vaccines, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, genetic susceptibility, food intolerances, and microbiome disruption create a perfect storm for the neuroinflammation that results in autistic behaviors. Why is autism reaching epidemic proportions in industrialized countries? How do MTHFR variants set the stage for autism? How did helminth therapy--with live worms!--help Dara's child? Why do GMO foods contribute to autism risk? Why should vaccines not be dismissed as innocuous? How can parents prepare to optimize pregnancy outcomes? What supplements are crucial? How can the Specific Carbohydrate Diet help? Berger's previews her next project: a comprehensive documentary on natural treatment for autism and childhood developmental disorders. Click HERE for part 2.


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