Groundbreaking Support for Heart Health, Part 1


Dr. Ross Pelton, pharmacist, clinical nutritionist, health educator, and Scientific Advisor for Essential Formulas, discusses glutathione production – the body’s MASTER ANTIOXIDANT. It's used by every cell in the human body. And it’s especially vital for heart health. He discusses some of the ways the Reg’Activ Cardio Wellness formula helps you produce glutathione and reduces some of the risks associated with cardiovascular disease. He also discusses recent health reports that allege “probiotics may cause brain fog”? Isn’t the opposite true—that there’s an emerging science of “psychobiotics” where it’s been demonstrated that probiotics combat depression and anxiety? At what age is it safe for kids to begin to take Dr. Ohhira’s or Reg’Activ? What new insights are we gaining about the microbiome’s remarkable role in supporting human evolutionary adaptation? Where are we headed in probiotic science? Will there be targeted probiotics designed to treat specific diseases? Are current microbiome tests accurate enough to predict which probiotics people should take? What are “post-biotics” and why are they important? Click HERE for part 2.

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