GI Health and Probiotics, Part 1


Clinical Nutritionist Martie Whittekin, author of "The Probiotic Cure," joins us for a discussion of GI health. We review a new study, the first of its kind that links infant gut bacteria to smarter toddlers. How to select the right probiotic? Is it a numbers game? What are post-biotics? Why is diversity the key to GI health? What can summer travelers do to ease GI complaints? What role can aloe play in alleviating GI complaints--and how to choose the right type of aloe? Martie recounts her experiences as co-founder of Texans for Health Freedom, an organization that fights to maintain access to alternative care modalities. In her 2007 book "Natural Alternatives to Nexium," she was one of the first to highlight the dangers of dependency on powerful acid-blocking drugs. Click HERE for part 2.


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