ENCORE: Escape Addictive Eating, Part 1


The Standard American Diet is a major driver of the current epidemic of degenerative disease in the U.S. Top-down efforts by government to stem the tide of illness are unwieldy, costly failures. The Suppers Programs is a community-based, voluntary organization that helps individuals escape the addictive eating patterns that are undermining their health. Founder Dorothy Mullen, author of "Logical Miracles: 100 Stories of Hope and Healing," explains how commercial foods subvert our normal appetite cues. She describes how diet affects mood. The Suppers Program offers an economical local model that enables individuals to experience the benefits of dietary transformation in a non-judgmental setting. According to Dorothy, “portion control” is one of the biggest myths that undermine dieters’ success. Indulging in sugary, artificially-flavored snacks and soft drinks cannot be offset merely with exercise, however intense, as food industry apologists would have us believe. Fundamental dietary change isn’t easy, but it’s necessary for many to attain optimal physical and emotional wellness. Diet must be individualized--there is no “one-size-fits-all” eating prescription. The Suppers Programs is based in New Jersey, but is training facilitators to expand across the Northeast, and is a model for transforming the American way of eating. Click HERE for part 2.

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