ENCORE: Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for November 10, Part 1


Press parrots claims that your supplements are dangerously adulterated with illegal prescription meds—really? Upping water intake halves risk for women’s UTIs; Are bone broths contaminated with heavy metals? Alternatives to Fosamax; What to do when your urine test reveals a body burden of mold and chemical toxicants; Archeologists uncover first evidence of ancient use of pumpkin spice; Traces of opiates found in 3500-year-old Cypriot urn; Hyperbaric oxygen speeds resolution of sudden hearing loss; New probiotic shows potential to lower cholesterol; Typhus—the scourge of ancient Athens, decimator of Napoleon’s armies, and killer of millions in World War 2—makes a comeback in LA homeless camps. Click HERE for part 2. Click HERE for articles and resources relating to this podcast episode.


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