Cryotherapy: Reboot the Brain and Body, Part 1


Cryotherapy with Dr. Daniel Fenster. How brief bouts of ultra-cold exposure can reboot the brain and body. Dr. Fenster is author of "Cryotherapy: The Secret to Staying Young" and clinic director of Complete Wellness NYC. How is it done? Is it safe? Are there medical contraindications? Why prominent professional athletes are flocking to cryotherapy to address injuries and facilitate recovery; How “thermal stress” promotes autophagy, a key anti-aging pathway; What cryotherapy can do to stimulate production of brown fat—the good, fat-burning kind; The role of cryotherapy in alleviating pain; Cold exposure’s mood-enhancing effects; Its surprising impact on sleep; Can it be used for fibromyalgia or arthritis? Why is it thought that cryotherapy may have cosmetic benefits? How many treatments does it take? Click HERE for part 2.

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