ENCORE: Cracking the Aging Code, Part 1


"Cracking the Aging Code: The New Science of Growing Old—and What It Means for Staying Young." Theoretical biologist Dr. Josh Mitteldorf shares his insights on the aging process which he believes is biologically programmed—but not impervious to innovative work-arounds. What does the future of anti-aging medicine hold? Why is Dr. Mitteldorf skeptical about antioxidants, but a big fan of vitamin D? Why should we be dubious about “bio-engineering?” What role for stem cells? Growth Hormone? What part does thymus regeneration play? How can we preserve our telomeres? Why is insulin resistance such a key component of aging—and how to avert it? Are there certain anti-aging foods or supplements? What role does exercise play in slowing the aging process? What about the “Vampire Cure?” What are “senolytics?” Click HERE for part 2.

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