Colostrum, Nature’s Wonder Food, Part 1


Doug Wyatt, Director of the Sovereign Health Initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people on natural and effective solutions for addressing the root causes of autoimmune and chronic conditions, describes the enormous therapeutic potential of colostrum. Mammalian mothers’ first milk, colostrum is a balanced blend of growth factors, lactoferrin, and immunoglobulins designed to prime babies’ guts and confer protection against pathogens. In the absence of colostrum, leaky gut develops, which enables development of allergies and autoimmunity. Colostrum has shown wide applicability to a variety of disease states. It may also regulate metabolism, helping to control appetite and preventing obesity and diabetes. Research has shown it confers a performance edge for athletes. Both adults and children—even infants—benefit from colostrum. Wyatt explains why colostrum should be a daily adjunct to everyone’s nutritional regimen. How to take it? What if you’re allergic to dairy or have lactose intolerance? How is Colostrum LD different from transfer factor? Wyatt explains how Colostrum LD is ideally prepared and made bio-available via a unique liposomal delivery system (LD). Intelligent Medicine listeners can obtain a free sample at; an educational site provides more background on colostrum at Click HERE for part 2.

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