Clinical Focus: The Ugly Truth About Synthetic Thyroid, Part 1


Why do so many hypothyroid patients keep feeling lousy? They complain of brain fog, weight gain, and poor mood, but their doctors assure them that their tests are normal and that maybe they should see a shrink. Why do a high percentage of hypothyroid patients gain weight? Why do they need blood pressure medication, statins and anti-depressants? A new study from Rush Medical School shows that a high percentage of patients on thyroid meds are dissatisfied despite being dosed appropriately. Why the problem? The TSH test, designed to assess thyroid function is deeply flawed. Also, monotherapy with synthetic thyroid (Synthroid, levothryroxine) delivers only T4, not the active T3 that the body needs. So why are thyroid doctors stuck in an obsolete and inadequate paradigm? Click HERE for part 2.


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