Clinical Focus: Stem Cells, Part 1


Stem Cells may be the future of medicine (Regenerative Medicine)—thousands of researchers are toiling internationally to perfect ways of coaxing stem cells to rejuvenate or replace diseased or aged organs. But controversy has erupted over whether domestic stem cell clinics are over-selling their promise, offering treatments for autism, cancer, Alzheimer’s, even “stem cell facelifts,” “stem cell breast augmentation,” and even sexual rejuvenation procedures. Some have called for the FDA to crack down on such audacious claims and to more stringently regulate the proliferating stem cell marketplace. Patient advocates, on the other hand, want the benefits of stem cells now, and don’t want to interpose strict drug approval requirements on what is essentially a product of Mother Nature. What are the potential downsides of stem cell therapy? What is research telling us about its promise? How long off are safe, legitimate applications in humans? What about stem cell injections for knee arthritis? Should you, the medical consumer, be considering stem cell treatments? Click HERE for part 2.

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