Clinical Focus: Gall Bladder Disease, Part 1


It's clear from studying populations like the Navajo of the U.S. Southwest and the Bedouins of Saudi Arabia that gallstones are associated with Westernized lifestyles. When diet and exercise patterns change, and rates of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease increase, so too does the incidence of gall bladder disease. What are the "5 F's" that are risk factors for gallstones? How are gallstones formed? Is it true that excess dietary fat is the culprit? Does the "liver/gall bladder flush" remove stones? Can stones be dissolved without surgery? Should you buck your doctor's suggestion that you need surgery? What diet was shown in a 1968 study to confer 100% protection against gall bladder attacks? What are the 19 ways you can prevent or reverse gallstones? Click HERE for part 2.


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