Breathing Better, Part 1


Airway problems may be at the root of numerous health conditions: Fatigue, anxiety, ADHD, even hypertension, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and obesity. Additionally, breathing optimization can enhance athletic performance. Shirley Gutkowski is a dental hygienist who has shifted her focus to airway problems at her practice “Primal Air” in Wisconsin. Why has the human palate devolved to set the stage for breathing difficulties? Is this a disorder of modern civilization? How does chronic nasal congestion and sinusitis contribute to problems? Why is mouth breathing bad? How does xylitol help to break up nasal mucus? What are its newly-discovered anti-cancer properties? What is Buteyko breathing? How does it create a “reset” for the entire nervous system? If you suspect you’re suffering from airway problems, Primal Air is offering Intelligent Medicine listeners a free consultation via Obtain more information about Xlear at Click HERE for part 2.


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