ENCORE: Are Statins Really Safe? Part 1


Dr. Peter Langsjoen, cardiologist and CoEnzyme Q10 researcher, weighs in on statin drugs; citing research, he argues that statistical deception has created the illusion that statins are safe and effective in preventing cardiovascular disease; He details the numerous side effects of statins, and suggests that even when symptoms are not obvious, cholesterol-lowering drugs may do the body irrevocable harm; Dr. Langsjoen shares new studies which suggest that statins may neutralize the artery-protecting benefits of vitamin K2; CoQ10 may reverse some of the adverse effects of statins, but it offers only partial protection; Dr. Langsjoen reprises the history of CoQ10’s use in treatment of heart conditions, and relates how the introduction of Ubiquinol has offered a potent new weapon against heart failure; How much CoQ10 or ubiquinol should patients with various conditions take? Testing blood levels of CoQ10, a technique that Dr. Langsjoen pioneered, can help inform clinicians whether patients are taking enough to enjoy its therapeutic benefits; New research soon to be unveiled will further our understanding of how CoQ10 helps the heart. Click HERE for part 2.


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