ENCORE: Are angels real? Do miracles happen? Part 1


Dr. Leo Galland, renowned clinician, educator, and best-selling author of "The Allergy Solution" (the basis for a hit PBS series) turns his attention to spiritual exploration in his new book, "Already Here: A Doctor Discovers the Truth About Heaven." The book recounts the death of his learning-disabled son, Chris, who returned as a spirit guide after a series of miraculous experiences awakened Dr. Galland to his consciousness-expanding messages. How does Already Here square with Dr. Galland’s rigorous scientific orientation? Is there an implicit lesson for parents, family members, and educators of children with challenging behaviors? For grievers? Do you have to subscribe to traditional religious beliefs to appreciate Already Here? How has Dr. Galland’s experience shaped his views of death? Has it impacted his interaction with patients? Did it undermine his confidence in the scientific method? Are there practical ways to apply Dr. Galland’s insights in our day-to-day lives? Click HERE for part 2.

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