ENCORE Honoring Dr. Stephen Sinatra: America’s Decades-Long Fight Against Heart Disease, Part 1


Dr. Stephen Sinatra, America’s foremost integrative cardiologist, weighs in on the successes and failures of America’s decades-long fight against heart disease. Dr. Sinatra describes what he terms “The Great Cholesterol Myth”. Is ubiquinol really superior to high-quality coenzyme Q10? What are the impacts of Covid on the heart? Has the pandemic set us back in terms of heart disease prevention? Dr. Sinatra undertook a lengthy post-doctoral course of study in psychiatry, where he learned of the critical impact of stress, loneliness, anger, and hopelessness on the cardiovascular system. His upcoming book deals with a unique subject—grounding—which invokes connection with the earth’s geomagnetism as a wellspring of health. Click HERE for part 2.

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