Alleviating Sinus Complaints, Part 1


It’s cold and flu season and many are suffering from sinusitis, a frequent aftermath of viral infections. Studies reveal that antibiotics, and even nasal steroids, perform no better than placebo in alleviating sinus complaints. Xylitol may offer an alternative. Nathan Jones is founder and CEO of Xlear, Inc., a manufacturer of xylitol products. He relates how his father, Dr. Lon Jones, first discovered xylitol’s remarkable protective effects on the respiratory system. How does xylitol clear nasal mucus? What’s the “SNOT” score? What are biofilms? How does xylitol dissolve biofilms that enable bacteria to hide from the immune system, and to resist antibiotics? What’s the evidence for Xlear’s benefits? How often do you need to use it? What are potential dental applications of xylitol? Against cavities? Against periodontal disease? Against bad breath? Against dry mouth symptoms? What about xylitol as a low-calorie sweetener? What innovative new products is Xlear rolling out? Click HERE for part 2.


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