Aged Garlic Extract for Immune Support, Part 1


The role of Aged Garlic Extract in supporting immunity with Jim Lavalle, R.Ph., CCN, the author of "Your Blood Never Lies" and "Cracking the Metabolic Code." With the stressful holiday season now in full gear, what measures can we take to support our immune systems? What role could supplementation with Kyolic play in fending off infections? How does the immune system function (a brief primer)? When it comes to immunity, can we get too much of a good thing, resulting in autoimmunity or allergic responses? How is it thought that Aged Garlic Extract primes immunity? Are there ancillary benefits to Kyolic—for blood pressure and to protect arteries? For osteoporosis? What are the latest studies demonstrating about Aged Garlic Extract? What other ways can we optimize our immunity? What roles do exercise, diet, and sleep play? What other supplements should be part of our immune support portfolios? Why is allicin not thought to be essential for garlic’s immune-supportive activity? Why is Aged Garlic Extract thought to be superior to other non-standardized garlic products? Click HERE for Part 2.


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