ENCORE: Active Holistic Surveillance for Prostate Cancer, Part 1


Dr. Aaron Katz, Chairman of Urology at NYU Winthrop, was an early proponent of Active Holistic Surveillance for prostate cancer, which engages diet and lifestyle to enable men to avoid aggressive treatment with potentially-debilitating radiation or surgery. Do the studies support this approach? Should the routine screening PSA be abandoned as was once recommended by the US Preventive Services Task Force? Rather than immediately performing biopsies on men with suspicious PSAs, what non-invasive tests can help shed light on whether cancer is likely? What innovations have been made in treatments for men with advanced prostate cancer? What are the downsides of hormonal treatment? Is testosterone replacement safe for men with “Low T”? Dr. Katz shares the surprising results of studies evaluating the advisability and safety of testosterone for men with heart disease—and even after treatment for prostate cancer. Are herbal supplements with ingredients like saw palmetto useful for men’s urinary symptoms? What’s the deal with daily Cialis? Click HERE for part 2.

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