The True Metabolic Basis of Cancer, Part 1


Pioneering cancer researcher Dr. Thomas Seyfried argues that we’ve taken a massive wrong turn in cancer exploration by ignoring the true metabolic basis of cancer. Dr. Seyfried cites the work of Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Otto Warburg, who identified the Warburg Effect in the 1930s. Featured in a recent NY Times article entitled “An Old Idea Revived: Starve Cancer to Death,” Dr. Seyfried argues that depriving cancer cells of glucose and glutamine, their prime metabolic fuels, offers a non-toxic way of curbing cancer growth. This can be achieved, in part, via a ketogenic diet, in conjunction with certain blocking drugs. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) provides an ideal accompaniment to the diet. What precisely does a true ketogenic diet consist of (Hint: It’s not Atkins!)? How can patients following the diet monitor whether they are achieving true ketosis? What role does the Charlie Foundation ( play in supporting patients following ketogenic diets? What new research is Dr. Seyfried pursuing? Why has the Cancer Establishment been slow in accepting this paradigm? Click HERE for part 2.