Vitamin E


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Vitamin E, Part 1
December 15, 2015
Jolie Root, nurse, nutritionist, radio host and health educator takes us on a tour of Vitamin E and tocotrienols. How prevalent is Vitamin E deficiency—and why aren’t Americans getting enough without supplementation? There are many different forms of vitamin E—which are the best? Is vitamin E safe? How much should you take? Why has research been contradictory as to the benefits of Vitamin E? What role does Vitamin E play in heart health? In Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease? In liver disease? For certain forms of cancer? In eye health? For athletes? For bolstering immunity? As an anti-aging supplement? For diabetics? What unique properties do tocotrienols demonstrate in reducing cholesterol, reversing fatty liver, and preventing cancer? Click HERE for part 2.


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