NT Factor


Q&A with Leyla, Part 2: Hypothyroidism
October 2, 2019
Is it necessary to take the cofactors of calcium at the same time as taking calcium?; Can I take NT Factor if I had breast cancer and my tumor was estrogen receptive? It contains soy.; I had cardiac ablation less than a week ago and feel wiped out. What supplements would you recommend to help me get back in the game?; I've just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I don't want to take any medications because I feel great and don't want to mess with my health. Your thoughts? Click HERE for part 1.



Intelligent Medicine Radio Show for July 6, Part 2
July 8, 2019
Antibiotics render people more vulnerable to flu virus, increase cardiovascular risk in older women; China controls 80% of world’s drug supply; Scientific evidence that clutter causes anxiety; Good bacteria suppress food allergies; The blood test you’ve never heard of that can predict whether you can forego statins; Coronary calcium score bests cholesterol measurement for heart risk assessment; Fast-tracking approval of pricey new drugs that don’t prolong life; A clinical trial will explore whether NT Factor alleviates fibromyalgia complaints; A test-drive of the Impossible Burger. Click HERE for part 1. Click HERE for articles and resources relating to this podcast episode.


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