Why You Need NAD, Part 1


Nicotinamide riboside (key ingredient in TRU NIAGEN®️ and TRU NIAGEN® PRO) is an innovative nutraceutical that I’ve christened “the nutraceutical of the decade”; today’s guest Frank Jaksch, Executive Chairman of the Board of ChromaDex, developer of Tru Niagen, goes me one further and suggests it has the potential to become the supplement of the century! How does it work to support cellular metabolism? The secret is its effect on NAD, the key energy compound within the mitochondria. As we age, or in disease states, NAD levels inexorably decline. Why does that offer so much potential in prevention of age-related deterioration? What’s the status of current research on nicotinamide riboside? How is it taken? Is it safe and are there side effects? Can it boost energy and athletic performance? Click HERE for part 2.

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