ENCORE: The Travails of a Victim of Glyphosate Exposure, Part 1


Investigative journalist Carey Gillam chronicles the travails of a victim of glyphosate exposure in "The Monsanto Papers: Deadly Secrets, Corporate Corruption and One Man’s Search for Justice." She details the lead-up to a decisive trial which resulted in massive penalties for the makers of Roundup. The court rendered a verdict that implicated glyphosate in thousands of cases of cancer—but the final chapter has yet to be written; plaintiffs attorneys and victims are fighting Bayer’s latest settlement offer. And it’s not just about cancer; Gillam describes the more pervasive, insidious effects of industrial chemicals on human health and the environment. Her latest investigation traces US efforts to foist GMO agriculture on developing nations, some of which are pushing back to maintain sovereignty and safeguard their inhabitants. Click HERE for part 2.

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