ENCORE: The Right to Natural and Sustainable Health, Part 1


This episode was originally presented in August 2016 (so you'll pardon the election reference), but the issue is even more relevant now as evidenced in my latest video, "Pricey Pee:" Supplements Under Attack, Again! Click HERE to see the video. If, as they say, “All politics are local,” then our neighborhood is about unencumbered access to supplements, clean air/water/food, and freedom of choice in healthcare.That’s what the Alliance for Natural Health stands for, and today we interview Jonathan Posey, ANH’s Legislative Director. We recap a recent ANH story pushing back on Consumer Reports’ irresponsible and misleading attack on supplements. Do supplements really need to be more stringently regulated? Are they as dangerous as CR alleges? Who’s behind the hatchet job on supplements? ANH has issued an urgent Action Alert to consumers of supplements to contact Congress to prevent FDA from enacting new onerous regulations; Should they be implemented, many supplements we rely on could disappear from the marketplace; Jonathan Posey details the full scope of ANH’s mission on behalf of the natural community—GMO labeling, vaccine choice, and defending practitioners of integrative medicine from unwarranted attacks. Click HERE for part 2.


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