“The Olive Oil Hunter,” Part 1


TJ Robinson, "The Olive Oil Hunter" and founder of the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club, dishes on the benefits of fresh extra-virgin olive oil. Useful polyphenols in olive oil support brain, heart, optimize blood sugar and blood pressure and even defend against cancer. Studies show liberal dietary amounts of olive oil promote satiety, which helps with weight maintenance. What are the characteristics of truly fresh olive oil? Why are Americans not accustomed to the flavors of authentic olive oil? Is it true that fraud, adulteration, and spoilage are rampant in the olive oil industry? What to look for as a consumer? How to properly store olive oil? Can it be used for cooking without destroying it's beneficial compounds or generating harmful free radicals? How to pair different types of olive oil with different foods? Intelligent Medicine listeners can take advantage of a special introductory offer for just $1 by visiting www.myfavoriteoil.com. TJ's olive oils have been favorites for years! Click HERE for part 2.


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