ENCORE: The Modern Epidemic of Dehydration, Part 1


There’s more to optimal hydration than just gulping 8 glasses of water per day. In her new book "Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body Through the New Science of Optimum Hydration," Dr. Dana Cohen, a New York City Integrative MD, outlines a comprehensive lifestyle approach to addressing what she terms a modern epidemic of dehydration. What are the signs you may need more fluids? What factors promote dehydration? Caffeine? Alcohol? Medications? What lessons can we learn from desert cultures? Doesn’t thirst provide us with adequate feedback about our hydration status? Why should we take a pre-emptive approach to fluid depletion? How do the latest physics findings about the properties of water molecules inform our choices about preferable ways to re-hydrate? What is “structured water”? Are “oxygenated water”, “alkaline water”, “ionized water”, “hydrogen water” and “Smart Water” just marketing hype? What’s wrong with the science behind sports drinks? Is carbonated water harmful? How can you economically obtain the benefits of water in its most biologically active form with natural foods? Dr. Cohen shares case studies of how her patients have reversed chronic ailments with her “5–Day Quench Plan”. Click HERE for part 2.

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