ENCORE: The Latest Advances in Facial and Hair Rejuvenation, Part 1


Dr. Gary Linkov, board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon, weighs in on the latest advances in facial and hair rejuvenation. What type of education and training does a plastic surgeon need to undergo? What other types of doctors do cosmetic procedures—and why choose a plastic surgeon? How has Dr. Linkov augmented his aesthetic sense by studying portraiture and sculpture? How to spot psychological red flags in candidates for plastic surgery? Short of scalpel procedures under anesthesia, what more conservative rejuvenative options are available to patients? What procedures are used for hair restoration? How do men’s hair problems differ from women’s and dictate different approaches? How to avert the “corn-row” appearance of traditional hair transplants? What role for PRP in hair restoration? In the future will stem cells revolutionize baldness treatments? Click HERE for part 2.

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