The Diet Myth, Part 1


Dr. Tim Spector joins Dr. Hoffman to discuss his new book “The Diet Myth: Why the Secret to Health and Weight Loss is Already in Your Gut.” Why are rates of obesity soaring worldwide? It’s not just an overabundance of caloric foods and sedentary lifestyle, according to Dr. Spector. Something has changed in the last few decades—it’s our guts! Under assault from poor diets, acid-blockers, antibiotics, and germ-free environments, our microbial diversity has suffered. The result: an epidemic of modern diseases: diabesity, cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, autoimmunity, allergy and inflammatory disorders. Drawing from his extensive study of identical twins and the British Gut Project, which he launched, Dr. Spector is unraveling the secrets of how our trillions of gut bacteria influence our health. Why “diversity" may be more than just a catch-phrase for social activists; Could cheese actually be a health food? Are coffee and chocolate rich in nutritious fiber? What are pre-biotics? How far away are we from personalized probiotics and designer yoghurts to combat disease and promote weight loss? How can Intelligent Medicine listeners participate in microbiome research and gain valuable insights about their gut health? Click HERE for part 2.

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