The Compelling Case for Fish Oil, Part 1


Everything you wanted to know about Omega 3 fatty acids, with Dr. Alex Vasquez, ND, DO, DC and Clinical Nutritionist, Director of the Medical Board of Advisors for Biotics Research, makers of Biomega Fish Oil. Why is it that fish oil is so beneficial for a myriad of conditions? What accounts for a recent spate of articles claiming it’s “worthless”? How’s that possible when, at the same time, pharmaceutical versions of fish oil are being touted as heart-protective? Is there a double-standard? What’s wrong with the research? Is it necessary to consume EPA along with DHA as it’s found in nature? Why are professional brands superior to discount fish oil sold at retail stores? What to look for in a fish oil? Are claims about the superiority of krill oil unfounded? Why can’t you obtain adequate omega 3s from plant sources alone? What’s the compelling rationale for taking fish oil now, especially amid the pandemic? Click HERE for part 2.

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