ENCORE: Sick Building Syndrome, Part 1


Alan Bell was a successful prosecuting attorney when he suddenly developed a mystery illness. After consulting numerous specialists, he finally met one who informed him that he had likely been poisoned. His medical odyssey is described in the new book "Poisoned." Bell ultimately discovered that he had developed Sick Building Syndrome after relocation to a new office. The only answer was a lonely sojourn in a chemical-free dwelling in the middle of the Arizona desert. How did Bell move toward recovery? How has his experience led to his environmental activism? Bell details the top ten chemicals to avoid; the 20 lifestyle tips that help prevent and reverse environmental illness. He estimates that millions of Americans, the vast majority unaware, are suffering the consequences of environmental toxicity. The chemical lobby opposes reform and American medicine silently colludes. What can be done to bring about change? Click HERE for part 2.

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