ENCORE: Screen Addiction Among Kids, Part 1


The devastating effects of screen addiction among kids: Dr. Nicholas Kardaras discusses his book “Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids and How to Break the Trance.” Why do experts now refer to an epidemic of "digital crack” afflicting children and teenagers? Do the brain changes associated with screen addiction resemble those of alcohol and drug abuse? Can hooked individuals go through physical and psychological withdrawal? How can you tell if your kid is screen addicted? Are schools doing youngsters a disfavor by giving them touchscreen devices in the classroom? How are conditions like psychosis, depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD, aggressive behavior, moodiness, insomnia, obesity and metabolic syndrome linked to screen time? Are there ANY redeeming features to digital proficiency for success in the modern world? Are children becoming desensitized to violence? What will be the effects of new holographic and 3D technologies? How can you set limits for kids’ use of electronic devices? How young is too young? What initiatives are certain countries taking to stem the tide of digital dependency? What’s a “digital detox”? Why should parents sign a “Technology Opt-Out Letter"? Click HERE for part 2.

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