How Your “Health IQ” Can Save You Money, Part 1


Health IQ is an innovative life insurance company based on the premise that healthy behaviors should be rewarded, rather than bad habits penalized, as is the norm among conventional insurers. They offer substantial premium discounts for exercisers, healthy eaters, and those who demonstrate a superior Health IQ. Their Health IQ quiz has been demonstrated to predict longevity—take the quiz here: Founder and CEO Munjal Shah shares the story of his own personal health epiphany, which led him to launch Health IQ. His company’s corporate culture reflects a commitment to health advocacy. How was the Health IQ test developed and validated? What does research show about the insurability of cyclists? runners? Yoga practitioners? high-Intensity interval trainers? triathletes? weightlifters? gluten-free dieters? vegetarians? swimmers? Does it matter if you have an adverse family health history? How much can Health IQ save you on a life insurance policy? Why get a life insurance policy in the first place? If you already have a life insurance policy, does it make sense to scope out Health IQ? Click HERE for part 2.


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