Foundational Nutrition, Part 1


Today we do a deep-dive on Foundational Nutrition with Jerilyn Swindle, health educator for Nordic Naturals. Nordic is embarking on a community-oriented project, “Buy a Bottle, Help Us Build a Playground.” What is Foundational Nutrition? How are healthy fats beneficial to the cells? How to achieve Omega 3:6 balance? What diseases arise from relative deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acids? How can vegetarians get EPA and DHA without eating fish or taking fish oil pills? What about krill oil? Why is rancid fish oil so harmful? How can consumers be assured their fish oil isn’t spoiled? Which is a better form of fish oil: ester vs. triglyceride? What role does the microbial ecosystem play in maintaining a healthy immune system? Click HERE for part 2.


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