Everything About Olive Oil, Part 1


The most comprehensive deep-dive on Olive Oil with "the Olive Oil Hunter," T.J. Robinson. What’s the difference in Artisan Produced EVOO vs Mass Produced Olive Oil? How does olive fruit ripeness at harvest time play a role in olive oil quality and prices? How does the olive fruit variety play a role in the taste of an oil? Tips for cooking with olive oil. How do antioxidants play a role in the stability of oil when it’s heated? Can you use the refrigerator test to confirm an olive oil is pure 100% extra virgin olive oil? What are your best tips on how to shop for olive oil? Tips on how to store olive oil so that it stays fresher longer? Plus, Dr. Hoffman and T.J. Robinson conduct a live olive oil tasting and they discuss what qualities you should look for. Click HERE for part 2.

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