Dietary Supplements: How to Separate Fact From Fiction, Part 1


Jeremy Appleton, ND, of Klaire Labs joins us to discuss supplement quality. Is it true as is sometimes alleged by critics, that “supplements are unregulated?” Are adverse effects of supplements leaving a toll of deaths and injuries? How does Dr. Appleton rate the overall quality of nutraceuticals, botanicals, and natural products that are currently on the market? What are the three biggest challenges impeding the improvement of supplement quality? Is the existing federal regulatory structure adequate to ensure that supplement products are safe, effective, and likely to deliver on their claims? What are the quality assurance features/measures that make Klaire’s product line unique? Some people place the blame for poor quality supplement products on “bad raw materials” from China and India. Is that is a fair assessment? What are the most important quality verification methods that physicians really need to understand? What about magnesium stearate? Should supplements be “GMO-free”? Click HERE for part 2.


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