An Odyssey Through a Mysterious Illness, Part 1


In her new book, "Through the Shadowlands," science journalist Julie Rehmeyer chronicles her odyssey through a mysterious illness. After encountering debilitating fatigue, Rehmeyer got no answers from medical doctors other than a diagnosis of CFS--Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Even the slightest exertion prompted severe exacerbations. After one particularly incapacitating bout, she undertook an extreme measure--a desert retreat to Death Valley. There she discovered that one component of her illness was mold sensitivity. Rehmeyer describes how volatile gasses emitted by molds can cripple the nervous systems of susceptible individuals. She emphasizes that there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution to CFS; different patients respond to different measures like diet, supplements, hormonal support, or immunomodulators. Rehmeyer has become a vocal advocate for CFS research, and briefs us on the latest advances. She also offers a critique of a much-maligned study--PACE--which concludes that CFS patients just need exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy to recover. Click HERE for part 2.

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