ENCORE: A Revolution In Our Understanding of Vitamin D, Part 1


The latest installment in our free-ranging discussions about vitamin D with Dr. John Cannell, founder and CEO of the Vitamin D Research Council. The “elephant in the room”: skeptics have lately pushed back on the efficacy of vitamin D and impugned the motives of top vitamin D researcher Michael Holick MD. Sounds “too good to be true”—-how could vitamin D be so beneficial for such a myriad of conditions? What are the autoimmune benefits of vitamin D? What are the latest findings linking low D levels to breast cancer risk? Is oral vitamin D supplementation equivalent to getting it the natural way—via the sun? What are optimal levels of D? Why is it that individuals require such different levels of supplementation? What about D in pregnancy? For athletic performance? For fending off colds and flus? For diabetes? For autism? Are certain formulations of D superior to others? Click HERE for part 2.

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