ENCORE: A Promising Cognitive-Enhancing Nutraceutical, Part 1


Bacopa is a promising cognitive-enhancing nutraceutical. Harvard-trained Dr. Stephen Olmstead, Chief Science Officer for Prothera, a maker of supplements dispensed by health professionals, joins us to discuss the evidence supporting Bacopa’s brain effects. Bacopa has been used traditionally for centuries by Ayurvedic medicine to enhance memory and performance. Modern studies show it works on a variety of levels to support mental function: neuroprotective; antioxidant; enhancer of synaptic plasticity; and anti-anxiety. It is suitable for children suffering from ADD/ADHD, young students desirous of better grades or test scores, middle-aged individuals who are concerned with job performance and juggling the complexities of life, as well as the aged suffering from memory loss. Dr. Olmstead discusses the importance of standardization, which ensures that the active components of Bacopa, bacosides A & B, are there in therapeutic amounts. The product “Keen Mind” by Prothera is uniquely standardized to match clinical data supporting Bacopa for cognitive enhancement. How much to take? Are there side effects or cautions? Dr. Olmstead, an expert on chelation therapy, comments on the success of the recent TACT trial; he also describes his work on nutraceutical products to combat biofilms. Click HERE for part 2.


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