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Hoffman Center Special Event:

Taming Your Addiction to Food

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
6:30-8:00 PM 
776 Sixth Avenue, Third Floor, Classroom #6
This event has already happened, but stay tuned for information on a digital download for those who missed it, or who attended and would like to view it again!


Does any of the following sound like you?

  • Unable to control your appetite
  • Believe there are certain foods that you can’t live without 
  • Feel euphoric/calm/happy/sleepy after eating food(s) you crave
  • Feel worse after eating foods you crave
  • Eating or craving foods you never did before
  • Unable to stop eating your favorite foods even when you’re full

If it does, you could be addicted to food.

We want to help you stop the madness once and for all!

Did you know there is a physiological basis for food addiction and overeating?  The food industry has effectively gripped our brains using powerful food science and technology.  Come join us to find out why we eat the way we do, what’s driving it, and what we can do about it. 

 We will arm you with proven strategies you can put to use immediately so you can effectively change your eating behavior.

Call (212) 779-1744 to reserve your seat today. Space is limited, so don’t delay!

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