The Gene Therapy Plan, Part 1


Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, integrative oncologist, discusses his new book, The Gene Therapy Plan. Your genes are NOT your destiny, and diet, exercise, stress reduction and targeted supplementation impact epigenetics—the expression of our genetic potential. We can literally turn on and turn off cancer and other diseases with the choices we make. Dr. Gaynor discusses black cumin seed, green tea, curcumin, vitamin D, glutathione and many other nutrients as gene modifiers. Is intravenous vitamin C helpful for cancer? Do antioxidants block the effectiveness of cancer therapies? Low-fat vs. low-carb diet in cancer prevention; the importance of the microbiome; how to overcome cancer fatigue and “chemo brain”; are breakthroughs being made in conventional oncology that will improve cancer care? Click HERE for part 2.

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