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Intelligent Medicine: Walnuts!
June 25, 2013
FDA wanted to confiscate walnuts as "misbranded drugs;" The test that could predict if you'll live past 100; did you get that prescription from your massage therapist or vet? FDR's health.


Intelligent Medicine: James Gandolfini
June 21, 2013
James Gandolfini: Could his heart attack have been prevented? Don't become a human Strasbourg goose; AMA declares obesity a "disease;" Prostate Cancer -- don't just stand there -- do nothing?


Intelligent Medicine
June 19, 2013
Is your doctor too tired to treat you?; A natural weight loss product I like; Potassium may be key to blood pressure control; Starvation mars your personality.


Intelligent Medicine
June 18, 2013
Boost athletic performance with Ubiquinol and beet juice; marijuana's downsides; folate for kids' brains; Ostinol, a new bone supplement


Intelligent Medicine
June 14, 2013
Seattle Woman Attempts to Go "Breatharian;" Allergy to Red Meat; 'The Drug Made Me Do It;" Yoga Makes You Smarter


Intelligent Medicine: “Don’t Take Your Vitamins?” So NOT!
June 11, 2013
Dr. Hoffman reviews Dr. Paul Offit's New York Times Op-Ed; Oncologist tries to poison her lover; New research shows magnesium dramatically reduces heart risk.


Intelligent Medicine: Inaugural Podcast
June 6, 2013
The Pope Calls Upon Us to Clean Our Plates! Michael Douglas Says Oral Sex Caused His Mouth Cancer! Spice Up Your Brain with Cinnamon to Prevent Alheimer's!

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