August 2018

August 4

Individuals with obesity but no other metabolic risk factors are not at significantly elevated all-cause mortality risk in men and women
Clinical Obesity,  First published: 12 July 2018 

Review shows post-exercise recovery benefits of l-carnitine for active and again consumers
Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition, June 01, 2018

Z-drugs linked with bone fractures in dementia patients

A comparative study of colostrum dressing versus conventional dressing in deep wounds
J Clin Diagn Res. 2015 Apr;9(4): PC01-4.

GPR55 signaling promotes proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells and tumor growth in mice, and its inhibition increases effects of gemcitabine
Oncogene, July 2018

Reversing wrinkled skin and hair loss in mice by restoring mitochondrial function
Cell Death & Disease, 2018; 9 (7) 

Cardiovascular and other health benefits of sauna bathing: A review of the evidence
Mayo Clinic Proceedings, August 2018 Volume 93, Issue 8, Pages 1111-1121

Kids need play and recess. Their mental health may depend on it
By Peter DeWitt, August 1, 2018

Measure of belly fat in older adults linked to cognitive impairment
British Journal of Nutrition, Published online: 30 July 2018

Just 23% of US adults get enough exercise, CDC reports
By  Maritza Moulite, CNN, June 28, 2018

Closed-loop slow-wave tACS improves sleep-dependent long-term memory generalization by modulating endogenous oscillations
Journal of Neuroscience 23 July 2018, 0273-18

Take a Vacation From Exercise? Your Body May Not Thank You
By Gretchen Reynolds, The New York Times, August 1, 2018

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