August 2016

August 27

Predominantly nighttime feeding and weight outcomes in infants
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, August 2016

MRI-guided focused ultrasound effective to treat essential tremor
New England Journal of Medicine, August 25, 2016

Low serum concentrations of vitamin B6 and iron are related to panic attack and hyperventilation attack
Acta Med Okayama, 2013

Nicotinamide riboside in muscle maintenance
Cell Metabolism, August 2016

A carefully scheduled high-fat diet resets metabolism and prevents obesity researchers find
The FASEB Journal, 2012

Extended daily fasting overrides harmful effects of a high-fat diet: Study may offer drug-free intervention to prevent obesity and diabetes
Cell Metabolism,Volume 15, Issue 6, p848–860, 6 June 2012

Antibiotic treatment increased risk for type 1 diabetes in animal study
Nature Microbiology, August 22, 2016

Harvard study: Lower IQ in children exposed to fluoride
Environmental Health Perspectives, July 20, 2012

Polyphenol intake reduces abdominal aneurysm expansion in rats
Journal of Vascular Surgery, August 2016

Microbial signals influence obesity
Nature, June 9, 2016

August 20

How do Olympians eat? Clean and , often, very little
By Julia Belluz and Javier Zarracina, August 15, 2016

Indian ‘oldest man ever’ says yoga, celibacy key to age

Take off that Fitbit. Exercise alone won’t make you lose weigh
By Aseem Malhotra, May 15, 2015

Swimming is an effective part of the treatment for fibromyalgia
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, August 2016

Diet and exercise can reduce protein build-ups linked to Alzheimer’s
American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, August 2016

Unhealthy diet during pregnancy could be linked to ADHD
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, August 2016

Rising cost of potentially life-saving EpiPen puts pinch on families, August 16, 2016

Calcium supplements linked to higher risk of dementia in some women
Neurology, August 17, 2016

Fluoride consumption linked to diabetes using mathematical models
Journal of Water and Health, August 2016

August 13

How lifestyle choices may affect ALS risk
JAMA Neurology, May 2016

Antidepressants some of the most commonly prescribed medications
British Medical Journal, June 2016

More old than young: a demographic shock sweeps the globe, August 11, 2016

Inosine is safe and effective for early Parkinson’s
JAMA Neurology, January 2014

Exercise could be as effective as surgery for knee damage
British Medical Journal, July 2016

Role for fatty acid metabolism in preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease. Serum DHA tie to amyloid load, brain volume and cognition
JAMA Neurology, August 08, 2016

Exercise does more good if you believe it will
Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 2016

Car drivers are four kilograms heavier than cyclists
Imperial College London

Brains of overweight people ‘ten years older’ than lean counter parts at middle-age
Neurobiology of Aging, July 2016

Western-style diet linked to state-dependent memory inhibition
Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, July 2016

Long-term effects pf weight reception on the severity of psoriasis in a cohort derived from a randomized trial: a prospective observational follow-up study
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, August 2016

August 6

It takes an hour a day of exercise to offset the bad effects of sitting, July 20, 2016

Vitamin C for the prevention of postoperative atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery: a meta-analysis
Adv Pharm Bull, June, 2016

Sedentary lifestyle and high-carbohydrate intake are associated with low-grade chronic inflammation in post-menopause: a cross-sectional study
Rev Bras Ginecol Obstet, July 2016

Effect of Omega-3 acid ethyl esters on left ventricular remodeling after acute myocardial infarction
Circulation, August 2, 2016

Health secrets of the Amish
By Moises Velasquez-Madoff, The New York Times. August 3, 2016

Randomized, crossover, head-to-head comparison of EPA and DHA supplementation to reduce inflammation markers in men and women: the comparing EPA to DHA study
Am J Clin Nutr, June 8, 2016

Compromised Vitamin D status negatively affects muscular strength and power of collegiate athletes
Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab, April 2016

Dessert nachos fried chicken and waffles benedict make unhealthiest meals list
By Samantha Bomkamp, Chicago Tribune, August 1, 2016

Exercise results in larger brain size and lowered demential risk
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci(2016), First published online: July 15, 2016

Berberine improves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
Phytotherapy Research, Volume 29, Issue 11 November 2015 Pages 1822–1827

Noland Nutrition Dietary Fat Survey (Fats and Oils Servings with Estimated Serving Sizes)
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