Leyla weighs in: Take care of your liver


| By Leyla Muedin MS, RD, CDN

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The liver is an organ essential to life. As the body’s filter, everything we swallow passes through it. The liver is the major organ of elimination and the manager of the entire detoxification process in the body. We could not survive without it. 

ts_liverWhile the liver performs more than 500 tasks, here are some of its most vital functions:

• Excretes bile for fat digestion
• Converts excess glucose to starch for storage
• Clears blood of drugs, chemicals and alcohol
• Provides immunity against infection
• Regulates blood clotting
• Metabolizes macronutrients
• Stores and activates micronutrients
• Excretes wastes via bile 

How do you know if your liver may be sluggish or dysfunctional? See if you exhibit any of the following symptoms: 

• Moodiness or irritability
• Excessive sweating
• Trouble digesting fats or chronic indigestion
• Bitter taste in your mouth
• Headaches
• Poor skin tone
• Yellow-coated tongue 

While these symptoms are not exclusive to the liver, they’re worth investigating nonetheless. 

To your health!


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